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Borat !!!!

hey ho ihr,
ich hab ebn bei mtv son special zu dem ema's gesehn un die hosted ya der borat den ali g. spielt und das sehr gut wie er imma die nah ?stliche kultur verarscht! *m?p*
hier ma nen bild zu borat un son paar sachen die man ?ba ihn wissen sollte um ihn rattig zu finden *hippo*

Borat Sagdiyev (assumed Cyrillic: Борат Сагдиев is a satirical Kazakh caricature invented and played by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Fictional background

Borat is a foreign correspondent for a the television station in Kazakhstan, where he claims to be the sixth-most famous public figure. He travels to foreign countries to record segments on their political systems and on their cultures.

Borat was previously employed as a gypsy catcher, and as someone who assisted farm animals in making "sexytime explosion", ostensibly for breeding purposes. His hobbies include table tennis, wrestling, and "shoot dog", and he can perform such feats like pin a very large woman down for up to three hours and throw a gypsy fifteen metres away, ten if he is tied up.

Borat's physical appearance resembles that of Joseph Stalin, a man he greatly respects. He has described his penis as being "thick like can of Pepsi".

Borat also exhibits a tendency to engage in sexually inappropriate behavior, giving naked pictures of his wife to a female passerby, and asking men about the size of their 'khram' (testicles, or, alternatively, penis) and whether or not he can touch them.

Family and personal life

Borat often discusses his family members with the people he interviews. Borat's sister is a prostitute (awarded "Best sex in mouth" and rated number 2 or 3 prostitute in Kazakhstan) and the two of them like to pretend to be "husband and wife." He has a younger brother Vilo (not Bilo) and another one who is mentally ill. Borat states that the latter has "small brain, but very strong arm," and thus must be kept locked behind a metal door. His relationship with his mother seems to be unpleasant, and Borat has commented that "she wishes she was raped by someone else." Borat also has a pet pig Igor which he claims to love, although he and his family end up eating (along with its eyes.)

In one episode, Borat reveals that he suffered a "very bad gypsy attack," in which his wife and plough were stolen and "they touch[ed] [his] horse in [a] very bad way; it was depressed." Tragically, his first wife was accidentally shot in a field after a hunter mistook her for a bear. Thankfully, Borat was able to cope with the loss of his first wife and he has remarried several times. Still, Borat's exceptional sexual virility has compelled him to maintain extramarital relations with a girlfriend, a mistress, and at least one prostitute. Dubious interactions with his sister, as well as incidents with domesticated animals, have led some to question Borat's sexual ethics.


Borat has a great admiration for Joseph Stalin, who he describes as being both "strong" and "powerful".

Borat strongly dislikes Jews. He visited a bar in Tucson, Arizona where he sang a song about problems in his country, but the subject quickly changed from transportation to Jews, with the lyrics "Throw the Jew down the well/so my country can be free./You must grab him by his horns,/then we have a big party." While taking a self-defense class, Borat asked the instructor to teach him how to defend against the 'Jew Claw,' and then he made a claw with his hand and had the instructor defend himself against it. Ironically, the actor who portrays Borat is Jewish.

He was shocked to discover that American women have the right to vote; on said discovery, he recited the 'chain of importance' - "God, man, horse, dog, woman, then rat, then small krutzouli" - to a female voter.

Borat has a dislike of those of African descent, whom he refers to as 'chocolate-faces', but he does enjoy kissing men.


Based on a doctor that actor Sacha Baron Cohen met in southern Russia, he is featured in each episode of Da Ali G Show, doing satirical interviews with various people who apparently do not realize the show is fake. He has visited Britain and the United States. The character's supposed Kazakh origins are purely a plot device, and almost all of his statements about that nation are false; however, the near-total lack of knowledge about that country among the average Westerner enables the show's writers to create outrageous dialogue while preserving a small semblance of credibility with the interviewee.

In order to pass off as foreign, Sacha writes his alleged notes in Hebrew, and he uses an occasional Polish word when speaking to people - not using Kazakh or Russian (also official in Kazakhstan) has nearly had Sacha exposed as a fake in midfilming.

In some cases, Borat's guests embrace his outrageous anti-Semitism and misogyny by agreeing with him. Other guests attempt to explain American values instead.

The hair and mustache are real, and it takes Sacha six weeks to grow them; some women find Borat to be attractive, and ask for dates after filming. Borat's suit has never been washed.


Borat has been the cause of some controversy, mostly related to his frequent displays of anti-Semitism. Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays Borat, is himself Jewish. Defenders use this to justify his character's racist nature, stating that the segments are a "dramatic demonstration of how racism feeds on dumb conformity, as much as rabid bigotry," rather than a display of racism by Cohen himself. [1]

However, the Anti-Defamation League, a prominent Jewish lobby group, complained to HBO after Borat performed a country and western song that called on people to 'throw the Jew down the well', warning them that 'you must be careful of his teeth' and that 'you must grab him by the horns', to applause from an audience in Tucson, Arizona.

An interview with James Broadwater, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, caused Broadwater to receive some hateful emails after an episode of Da Ali G Show aired in which he stated that Jews will go to Hell. He was told that the interview would be played in foreign countries to teach others about the American political system. Broadwater later posted a letter on his website denouncing Da Ali G Show, explaining that his statement referred to a theological belief that anyone that "accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will spend eternity in Heaven, while everyone who rejects Him will spend eternity in Hell." Broadwater did not apologize for his comments, which many saw as insensitive and inflammatory. [2]

Everything that Borat says about Kazakhstan is incorrect (he himself looks nothing like the people native to Kazakhstan.) His outrageous statements about the country, about which most Americans and Europeans have little, if any, knowledge, demonstrate the ignorance of the show's targets, who assume unfamiliar countries are woefully underdeveloped in both technology and culture. (Most people in Kazakhstan have never heard of Borat.)

Most of Borat's interviews also carry with them a strong homosexual undertone. Interviews inevitably involve discussion of "khram" or about the sexual preferences of the interviewee, or other celebrities such as Freddie Mercury. Borat enjoys touching and holding men but has a noticeable aversion towards women. Borat describes his ideal mate as having at least some plough experience, no history of mental retardation in the family, and additionally, "must be tight like a man's anus".

Borat often finds himself in ridiculous situations that involve painfully funny physical comedy. Some have compared Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character with some of Peter Sellers' work. However, it is not clear whether or not one of Sellers' characters would have told a female member of the Oklahoma City Council that he wishes to "make romance inside of you," followed by the exclamation "all day I think of you, no clothes, wa-wa-wee-wa. That is very wonderful."

See also: Da Ali G Show: Controversy

The Borat movie

A Borat movie is currently in production (2005)[3] [4]. The movie is believed to be a low-budget, documentary-style comedy. The documentary is based on Kazakhstani immigrant Borat's coming to the U, S and A on a mission.

The distributor of the movie is 20th Century Fox and the director is Larry Charles.

In January 2005 a creative clash between the original director Todd Phillips and Sacha Baron Cohen prompted Philips to drop out of the project.

The car

The name Borat was also given to a silver VW Bora that visited many VW Festivals around the UK. After an early festival, the letter "T" was added to the Bora on the rear of the car, and Borat was born in the automobile world.

The car featured a VW Votex kit (OEM parts available through the dealership or resellers), which was, and still is, quite a rare kit to be seen in the UK, although it features more prominently in the USA ? where the Bora is called the Jetta. meow.

MTV Europe Music Awards 2005

Borat is set to be the host of the upcoming MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 show in Lisbon.


Die BOrat page die ich am besten find borat.kz kz f?r kasachstan *lach* Borat sounds
2.11.05 16:21

EMA's un so

balda sin die emas un so un ich hab schon fett abgestimmt f?r allez!

habn bild f?r euch un ihr m?sst rat?hn wer dat denn nu is!?!

na wea wei? es.....isch wei? es....naja ich habs mir auch ausgesucht....

ich find gwen stefani doof...
1.11.05 17:06


ich hab die zusatzseite speech unltd fertich gemacht shcaut ma rein un schreibt mir bei icq was ihr davon haltet
30.10.05 17:29

Speech am start

so speech ham paar neue b-seiten rausgebracht auch ein neues demotape kann man downloaden f?r mehr infos einfach mich fragen
30.10.05 17:01

kleydaboss presents.....Speech unLtd !!

Ya abheute ist dieser blog home von Speech unLtd!

bleibt hippo und denkt dran: never eat the yellow snow!

SSSSSS Speech unLtd.!
31.7.05 21:31

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